How to use this site

There are two ways to look for reviews on Perth Food Reviews.

Reviews for particular places
If you want to find a review about a particular place, simply type it into the search box and if I have written about it, the review will appear.

Searching for ideas
If you are searching for ideas, then you can use the categories located at the top of the page.

You can look at reviews based on:
location (City, Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs etc)
cuisine type (Japanese, Thai, pub Food etc)
meal type (ie breakfast, high tea, takeaway, share plates etc)
the experience you desire (something special, cheap and cheerful, bring the kids etc).

I have a special category called 'Shannon's Favourites' which are the places I keep going back to.

What is expensive for one person is great value for another, so I have used a guide that looks at the average price of main dishes. Keep in mind that when I review breakfast, many dishes may fall below $20 earning it a single '$' but it could still be relatively pricey compared to a '$' at dinner time.

$        Mains average less than $20
$$      Mains average between $20 and $30
$$$    Mains average between $30 and $40
$$$$  Mains average $40+

It's probably a bit of a cop out but I use the term 'modern Australian' when a restaurant doesn't fit into any other category. Japanese, Italian, Indian, seafood etc are all very straight forward but there are many places which, while using elements from various cuisines, are generally considered to be Australian.

When a menu is at least 50% share plates or small dishes I have listed it as a shared food destination. Do you know your etiquette when it comes to sharing food with others? Click here for the rules for surviving the shared plate experience.

Kid friendly
Just because I haven't explicitly stated that a restaurant or cafe is kid-friendly doesn't mean you shouldn't take your kids there. There are very few Perth restaurants who openly admit that kids aren't welcome, but you can tell by the way the staff treat your children whether they have a family friendly policy. I have also looked at menus, safety, toileting, room for high chairs and prams, the way tables are set, amusements and location when I decide is a place is genuinely child-friendly.

Contact me
I hope you enjoy the site and all the reviews I have written on WeekendNotes. Please contact me at meyerkortshannon(at) if you have any comments or suggestions.


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